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  • Welcome to visit Xi'an Kaixiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd..!

    Keyword:Pharmaceutical intermediate、OLED material、Liquid crystal mater

    About us

    Xi'an Kaixiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in High-tech Industrial Development Area, Xi’an. It is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and sales of materials and intermediate chemicals required by OLED, liquid crystal, and pharmaceutical intermediate industries. The company owns independent laboratory and workshop, a R&D team formed by doctors and masters, who are expert in material science and chemistry. It mainly engages in the design, synthesis and production of new optoelectronic materials to meet the requirements of the market and customers. Adhering to the management philosophy as ‘credit top, quality first’, we strive to create the enterprise culture as ‘the pursuit of excellence, continuous development’ and ‘people oriented, continuous innovation’. Xi’an Kaixiang would like to cooperate with friends of all circles for creating bright future. 



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